Expecting Irene

Mostly, those of us lucky enough to live on the Cape realize our stature as year-round residents means we must bear with whatever visitors drift our way each summer on the incoming tide. But even the worst company that might darken your doorstep, leave a sideboard full of dishes, and loads of linens in their wake can’t compare to the ominous visitor Cape Cod currently awaits. Hunker down, friends, and tune to the weather channel and local news for updates on the approach of Hurricane Irene. More sinister than even the dreaded relative who has never heard the old adage that both fish and company stink after three days, Irene comes wielding bag and baggage, her arrival time projected in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Her visit may be brief but, if current reports hold true, might also be quite memorable. Be safe, all, and stow away the deck furniture, secure the hanging bird feeders and strip out the garden ornaments–then hurry to the store before all the bread and milk is gone!

For instruction on hurricane preparedness, the Massachusetts Executive Office of Safety and Security offers detailed information.