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Cape Cod Vacation Rentals

Tired of the snow already? We’re booking Cape Cod summer rentals now for the 2012 season. “Walk to water” and beachfront vacation rentals are still available for some prime weeks, but they are booking quickly. From great water front locations to affordable cottages, Steele Associates has a fine selection of prime vacation rentals. Browse our […]

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Waterfront Summer Rentals on Cape Cod Bay

Looking for the perfect rental home to spend your Cape Cod summer vacation? Browse available properties with our better and faster rental search engine. We still have some prime rental weeks available–from stunning waterfront locations to affordable “drive-to-beach” homes. Contact us today… great summer time memories await you!

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Consumer Caution Urged Regarding Online Rentals

Despite consumer education and widespread warnings, online scams involving rental properties continue to flourish. The old adage “if it sounds too good to be true” should raise the antenna of a prospective tenant. Many of these scams target renters for year round properties but may also involve summer and seasonal rentals. A classified ad placed […]

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There's Music in the Air on Cape Cod

It has always amused me when city dwellers vacationing on Cape Cod describe our natural surroundings as “noisy.” It is true, from evening peepers to the whir of insects; from the early morning screech of soaring gulls and flocks of blackbirds; surely, even the most rural areas of Cape Cod do not lie silent. Having […]

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