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Monthly Archives: December 2011

School Choice a Consideration of Homebuyers

A report by the National Association of Realtors profiling the wants and needs of buyers and sellers indicates that school quality is considered a priority by 27% of all buyers. Proximity to schools is listed as a deciding factor by 21% of buyers. The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education offers consumer information on Massachusetts […]

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Cleaning Up After Irene

Spared a direct hit from Irene, the Cape still suffered much wind damage including downed power lines and the uprooting and limbing of trees. Wide-spread damage means much of the Cape is still experiencing power outages. If you plan to check into a summer rental (yes, it is still summer!), it is advisable to call […]

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Consumer Caution Urged Regarding Online Rentals

Despite consumer education and widespread warnings, online scams involving rental properties continue to flourish. The old adage “if it sounds too good to be true” should raise the antenna of a prospective tenant. Many of these scams target renters for year round properties but may also involve summer and seasonal rentals. A classified ad placed […]

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Emergency Homeowners' Loan Program

$1 billion worth of emergency mortgage assistance has been made available for qualified homeowners who are unemployed or underemployed due to the economy and at risk of foreclosure. HUD has developed the program (EHLP) via the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. For eligible homeowners, funds are available for 0% loans for past-due […]

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Expecting Irene

Mostly, those of us lucky enough to live on the Cape realize our stature as year-round residents means we must bear with whatever visitors drift our way each summer on the incoming tide. But even the worst company that might darken your doorstep, leave a sideboard full of dishes, and loads of linens in their […]

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Cape Cod Sun and Fun

A summer rental tenant phoned the Steele Associates Real Estate office the other day with a plaintive query. “Is there anything to do on Cape Cod besides go to the beach?” It’s hard to imagine not wanting to simply lounge away your vacation days on our beautiful beaches–but if you’ve become just a little restless […]

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Homeowners' Heating Oil Regulations

If you heat your home with oil, or are buying or selling a property that does, you should be aware of the new Massachusetts heating oil regulations that went into effect as of September 30, 2011. While the upgrade is a relatively small expenditure (estimated to be $150 – $350 including labor, parts, and local […]

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There's Music in the Air on Cape Cod

It has always amused me when city dwellers vacationing on Cape Cod describe our natural surroundings as “noisy.” It is true, from evening peepers to the whir of insects; from the early morning screech of soaring gulls and flocks of blackbirds; surely, even the most rural areas of Cape Cod do not lie silent. Having […]

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Fresh from a Cape Cod Farmer's Market

Eat fresh, eat local… for a true taste of Cape Cod, visit one of the seasonal farmers’ markets that have sprouted up and down the Cape. Vendors offer locally grown produce and products from Buzzards Bay to Provincetown from late spring to mid-to-late fall (dates vary from market to market). You’ll find Cape Cod specialties […]

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Enraptured By Raptors

If you’re looking for some entertainment beyond the sun and surf of Cape Cod this summer, check out the
Live Birds of Prey Program sponsored by the Harwich Conservation Trust. I can personally attest that last summer’s show was fascinating, well attended by young and old, summer visitors and residents. I am sure this year’s […]

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Cape Cod Real Estate Trends

Have we reached bottom yet? Isn’t that the question on every real estate buyer’s mind? Statistically, both median sales price and sales volume on Cape Cod is reported to have fallen from February 2010 to February 2011. However, January statistics for 2010 vs. 2011 showed the median sale price to have risen. So has the […]

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Welcome to Cape Cod!

Whether you are just beginning your search for Cape Cod property or have had sand in your shoes for many years, we hope the bits of news and information provided here will make you feel at home. Please let us help you enjoy the best Cape Cod has to offer!

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A Berry Nice Time on Cape Cod

It’s that time of year… when residents of the Town of Dennis head off to that hidden gem, the town blueberry patch off Fieldstone Drive. Grab a bucket or basket and savor an hour or so picking the large, succulent berries then head home to make a blueberry oatmeal crisp to savor with family […]

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Cape Cod Home Buyers: Are You Pre-qualified or Pre-approved?

What might sound like a simple issue of semantics is, in actuality, the difference between knowing you can buy that Cape Cod home you’ve always dreamed of or assuming you can make the purchase. The terms “pre-approval” and “pre-qualification” are often used interchangeably, but buyers—and the sellers with whom they may enter into a […]

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Massachusetts Shows Uptick in Homes Sales

Exactly how much improvement the local real estate market is showing is up for debate–but both the Massachusetts Association of Realtors and the Boston based real estate reporting gurus at the Warren Group agree that statistics are up. The groups site a sales increase for July 2011 of between 7% and 14% over the same […]

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