Cape Cod Homebuyer/Seller Utility Check List

It is important to contact each utility company approximately seven days prior to closing date to avoid incurring excess charges. If the company indicates they have not heard from the other party involved in the transaction, you should still place your order.

Your Steele Associates agent is available to assist with many details during your real estate transaction. However, for consumer protection, most utility companies require the homeowner to contact them directly with change-over requests and do not allow REALTORS to make these arrangements.

Your REALTOR will arrange for a final water reading prior to deed transfer and credits/adjustments will be made at closing. Each town or village is served by their own water district. You’ll find the Water Department listed under the individual town in the Yellow Pages, but the transfer of an account typically occurs when the final payment is made after closing.

Also, keep in mind you should be contacting your insurance company as soon as you have a valid contract to purchase to start processing a homeowner’s policy. Remember, as well, to arrange a stop date for your policy on any existing home you may be selling.

ELECTRIC COMPANY 1-800-592-2000

* 1-888-633-4266
*Conventional local cable w/option of internet

PHONE COMPANY* 1-800-837-4966
*If preferred also can provide internet access

NATURAL GAS COMPANY* 1-800-548-8000
*If applicable or contact Oil Company of your choice to fill tank

*Other phone and cable services options are available per area and individual homeowner’s choice